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Bike commuting?


I changed jobs at the beginning of this year, and in May I decided to start bike commuting. My commute is about 7.5 miles each way, with ~5.5 miles on a bike trail. Within the first two months, I instantly lost about 15 points. I definitely feel much more healthy that I have in awhile!

Does anyone else bike commute?

Used to. It was super fun, good exercise and cheap. But in Madison, WI it was only ~6 or so months out of the year.

I would bike to work if I didn't live 18 miles away.
I'd love to but Atl traffic where I need to go would likely land me in the hospital.  :-\

I did for a while, but Texas heat and hill country slopes and an upstairs apartment and pregnancy all conspired to stop me. Then my bike got stolen. Someday I'll get a new one and try it again. I'm definitely not enjoying driving with the weather this pretty!


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