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Has anyone ever taken a Udemy course? I just saw a bunch are 10$ right now.

I haven't tried any from Udemy personally, but I have audited Coursera and edX courses over the past year. Both of them allow you to audit for free, but pay if you want course credit.

I have a course on Udemy (for self-publishing authors) and have taken a bunch of courses on a variety of topics. They are usually pretty good quality. There are a few that are meh... but most (at least the ones I have gotten) are good.

There are plenty of free ones too. Most also have previews of some of the lessons, so give them a look before you buy. $10 is not bad either for good courses.

Excellent, thanks for the insight. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one. I'm considering one based on accounting and finances or web development. Both subjects seem interesting.


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