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Let's hear some stories about how your emergency fund saved your bacon.

I'll start...

A large & heavy glass bowl slid off a poorly mounted shelf tonight and landed in our toilet. About an hour later we noticed water on the floor, and we found a hairline fracture in the toilet bowl. Knowing how our apartment operates, guess what we have to buy tomorrow.

Got into a fender-bender a few months ago.  Was able to pay my insurance deductible without tapping a credit card.

New toilet installed!  parrot

Waiting on the price.  :-\

Recently I suffered the pleasure of a hernia. Post surgery my innie is now an outie with a smile shaped scar but I'm not in pain. Needed to tap my EF to cover the gaps of my crappy health insurance.

I got laid off at the end of September 2015. I was really lucky because I was fully buffered, had an Emergency Fund that had about 7-8 months of full on expenses, had 80 hours of leave payout plus 2.5 months of severance (of course the net on the severance check was about 50% of gross because I forgot to reduce my 401(k) contribution to 0% after my last regular paycheck plus the payroll system calculated the taxes as if the amount was representative of a regular paycheck).

Anyway, I didn't work until I got a consulting assignment starting the last week of March 2016. That lasted through the end of April. Then I went on vacation for a week and then I started a new full time job. With minor lifestyle cuts (because I guess I didn't believe I would be out of work as long as I was - I really thought I'd find something by mid-November with a December start) I actually didn't have to touch the Emergency fund until the second half of March. Ended up using about ~$4K (~1/6) of the Emergency Fund which I rebuilt to the February 2016 level by September. At the time I was buying my health and dental insurance off the Maryland Exchange for 5 months because it was cheaper than COBRA $335/mo for POS vs $550/mo for PPO (severance package covered COBRA through the end of Dec 2015). Health insurance at new job kicked in on June 1. My consulting job brought in a chunk of change, but after setting aside 30% for quarterly taxes, I used the rest to keep myself buffered as I transitioned into the new job (my first May paycheck was small because it only covered the 9th-15th) and to start a new category for my HVAC replacement because the seasonal check-up in March said I would most likely need a full replacement in 2-3 years.


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