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Where did Financier get it's name?


And what does it mean? 

Just curious, it doesn't seem to be a name that rolls off the tongue like Y-nab, so just curious how it came about!

I would assume it has something to do with the cake, but I could be mistaken:


Seriously, my guess is that it was a clever play on the title of a Financier, which is someone who controls lots of money (like the Monopoly man). As an aside, my wife and I pronounce it with a "long A" sound at the end (is in French) because it sounds fancier :)

"Robber Baron" didn't seem right

Now that you mention it... I can't remember. :) I'm sure it popped into my head and I went searching for a domain name.

Robber Baron sounds catchy. Mind if I use it? haha


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