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my monthly budget ballance seems to be broken, the values do not add up. I traced the calculation to [1] but I haven't found the time to learn how to debug this locally in my browser. Any ideas what might cause this?

OS: Win 7
Browser: Firefox 59.0.1
Financier: Latest. I guess. Info is broken.  :parrot:


Out of curiosity, does refreshing the page fix the values? Something doing a fresh load of the app will recalculate all of the numbers correctly.

Otherwise... @Alex!!!

Yeah, try a refresh. If that doesn't work, email with an exported backup of your budget and I will take a look.


Also, has it always been wrong? Is this an old budget, or new? Was it imported from YNAB4?

Refresh does not change anything. Its also broken on iOS.

The budget starts in Nov 16 I think. It is not imported from YNAB.

You should get an eMail shortly.


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