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I'm not sure if it's okay to ask here, but here goes.  My financier mobile app won't stay logged in.  I've been using it for a few weeks and now it's warning me that I'm not logged in, but I also can't login.  It's the same login as financier, which I can get into.  Is there an issue happening?  Also is giving a 404 error.  I didn't know if that might be attached.

@asromzek Can maybe help with the unofficial mobile app - it's not "officially" financier.

Regarding the main website ( - that's not good at all... Let me look into it.

I'm considering moving the main static site to a more reliable host in the future too so this doesn't happen. :)


@Alex... what did you do???

I rebooted the nginx server since the database and session proxy didn't seem to be working correctly, and it looks like it may have done the trick. Try logging in and let me know if it works, @ktkadoo.

It did work!  Thanks so much.

What's the first rule of IT support?


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