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Overbudget in April?

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I don't think this is a bug but I am not sure what is going on:

1) Started a new budget/file in February, so I only have 2 months worth of transactions.

2) I have 0 available to budget in both February and March, but April shows a $10 overbudgeted - that I overspent by $10 in March.

3) I double-checked that all transactions have a category.

Are there are any categories in March that have a balance of -$10, like the attached screenshot?

No, that's the weird part.

Every category in March is zero (I spent all that I budgeted) execpt for 2 categories. One has $1.79 left and another has $28.21 left. So I don't know where the -$10 is coming from.

Would you be comfortable with backing up a copy of your budget and emailing it to me or @Alex? Sometimes a budget backup is worth a thousand pictures.

My email is my forum username at

You can also send it to me...

Make sure that any split transactions are expanded when checking for red.


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