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Bug with "undeletable" split transaction

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I think I've come across a bug in my budget...

I do split transactions for my paychecks. One of these splits is a transfer to an off-budget retirement account. I have two transactions in the retirement account that are listed as transfers to my checking account, but neither one has a matching split in the checking account. I cannot delete these transactions from my retirement account because it says "Cannot delete transfer of split transaction. This transfer is from a split transaction. To remove it, modify the split transaction this transfer originates from."

Is there a "super delete" option? I'm not sure how I ended up in this state.


Was the split transaction entered using the mobile app? I remember having some issues with transfers in splits, and I'm almost certain the main app had the same issue. It's on my list of things to revisit. I remember that refreshing the browser sometimes would fix things after entering a split that contained a transfer. Have you tried that?

I think it came about as a result of some code that I have to automatically enter my paychecks that I added using

Using GET requests, I can see that there are no splits defined for that transaction, but I'm wondering if some other deleted transaction is referencing it and that's why the front-end is getting messed up. I can use PUTs to change the memo and set the value to 0, but I'm getting a 409 conflict response when I try to issue a DELETE on the document.

What happens if you use a PUT request to set "_deleted = true"?

It worked! My savior :)


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