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Cannot load budgets due to memory limits

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I posted a reply to another thread, but this is probably best off as a bug report.

As a regular user of financier for a few years now, my budget file has grown quite large. It takes a long time to sync, but as of the past few days, I actually cannot load my budget at all. During the syncing process, after the network transfers have finished, the "memory footprint" of the Financier tab grows to 2GB+, and then the tab crashes with the "Aw, Snap" message (SIGTRAP). Seemingly no matter how many times I try to load the page, I cannot get it to load. I have a backup of budget json file, but this is really not good.

Any ideas, @Alex ?

Have you deleted your budget and re-imported it a few (or many) times? I ask because I did that with my main account when developing the mobile app, not realizing that a deleted budget isn't truly deleted in CouchDB. It gets flagged as deleted but is still included when the database is synced with the browser initially so other synced apps can delete it locally. This is especially a problem with the mobile web app since Safari on iOS limits database sizes to 50MB, and none of my budgets would load when the database exceeded that size. I had to coordinate with @Alex to delete my database so I could import a clean backup that significantly reduced the new database size. I'm not sure if that is the source of your problem, but it sounds similar. Although, 2GB seems really excessive for Financier. The app shouldn't be that heavy.

If you're still working with a single original budget and have an up-to-date backup, then I recommend going through the motions of clearing your browser cache and syncing from scratch again. You could also try a different browser to see if the same thing happens. If you have done all of that already, then @Alex will probably have to weigh in.

Out of curiosity, how big is the json backup file?

That could certainly be. What's interesting is the massive memory use doesn't start until after all the network traffic has finished, and the problem occurs even when loading Financier in an incognito tab, so there shouldn't be any cache or anything hanging around. Actually, the only place I can use it is in my daily computer where I have a recent sync. That loads okay, but on any new machine I can't open it.

Our primary budget file's json is 5.8MiB, so fairly large, but I don't understand what's happening that could use 2 GB of RAM...

I have a script that backs up my budget using headless playwright that still works (must not be subject to the same memory limit as desktop Chrome?), so I have recent backups, meaning if I could purge the DB on the remote server and then let my client sync back, that might help, perhaps?

Like @asromzek suggested, I believe this is due to some sort of database pollution/corruption. I set up my own backend following the method of, and after importing my most recent backup, I'm not having any problems with the machines that were previously crashing (and it's substantially faster since it's all on my local network).


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