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How are you feeling today?

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So what's up? Do anything fun? What's on your mind? parrot

To start off, today was good for me... WFH due to crazy traffic this morning.

After my day job I worked on Financier and watch The Office. :)

Survived the first snow of the year. Definitely need to get some winter tires on the Mini Cooper. Rocked it out with the band I'm in after work, and now I'm going to veg out with some Factorio.

Tomorrow is payday.

Three years ago, I would have spent the last few days scrounging for spare change among the couch cushions, scrambling for odd jobs, etc - anything to make it to payday without having to skip too many meals.

Today I look at my bank account balance and see that I have money in my savings account.  None of my bills are past due. I'm not afraid to see what came in the mail. I don't dread answering the phone.

So I'm feeling pretty good this morning.

I was in the same position. Despite the direction YNAB has gone in with their software, the initial philosophy and YNAB3 & 4 certainly changed my financial fortunes  and I enjoy budgeting now too.


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