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Who else uses Personal Capital?

I've been using it as a tool to aggregate my investment balances and track my net worth. I've noticed that certain accounts always seem to get out of sync though, which is quite annoying.

Periodically (roughly monthly), I try to review my asset allocation to adjust any future retirement contributions to ensure that my allocation matches my investment policy statement (IPS). I've developed an excel spreadsheet that I input my balances for each investment held at each account, and then it alerts me if any allocations need to be adjusted. Prior to using Personal Capital, I was logging into all 5 of our accounts (my 401k, my wife's 401k, my IRAs, my wife's IRA and our HSA) and updating the balances that way. By using personal capital, I have the balances all in one location instead of logging into 5 locations. When I set it up, I assumed the accounts would stay in sync and this would be a nice time saver. However, I've noticed the accounts frequently get out of sync, so it may end up not being worth it.

I had also planned to track my net worth using Personal Capital, but the same issue is affecting the net worth graph. I've got a significant chunk of savings at Ally Bank, and the syncing has been broken since 9/30. Before that, I moved money from one savings account to another, and during couple day timeframe, I had a huge dip in net worth due to the timing of moving funds from one account to the other.

With all that said, I'm considering stopping using the software if I can figure out a tool that would aggregate my investment balances. I've heard google finance has some type of similar capability. Our 401ks are are Prudential and Transamerica, HSA at Wells Fargo, and IRAs are at Vanguard. My previous 401k had a special employer-specific fund that I could never lookup the price anywhere with, which is why I started using Personal Capital.


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Well don't leave us hangin' ;D


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--- Quote from: Joel on October 24, 2016, 02:19:07 PM ---An added benefit is the

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Well don't leave us hangin' ;D

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Lol, I forgot to delete that sentence. I originally typed that planning to discuss the net worth graph that shows gaps whenever syncing gets messed up.

I often forget to

I have it.

I like it, but I currently haz no investments so I'm not utilizing the software to its potential.

That said, time I got some investments going.


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