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My sister-in-law mentioned improving their finances would be her new year's resolution last night. She also went on to talk about how they were using Digit to find savings. Seems a lot like many of the round the change type solutions from what brief research I just did.

In other news, I'm very interested with how they are connecting with bank accounts in a free version. I know Mint has a custom system to do that, but does Digit...?

The alternative is $5/user/month bank API services.

Haven't tried it, but cool if it works for her! 👍

I've tried using digit twice. However, I went off of it both times because I didn't like the random money going out of my account. Also, it is just a savings account and you don't make any interest on it.

Digit tracks spending and deposits and determines how much you can afford to save.

While this might work for people who want a way of saving where they don't have to think about it, people who what to do something to get started, or for people who don't understand their finances, I just didn't like it. Once I started budgeting I started saving more intentionally based on reality, and it was more than digit was squirreling away behind my back.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

I may be wrong but isn't similar in that it rounds up your transactions but it invests the funds instead? My brief experience with it was good but I prefer investing in other ways.

That's what it seems like to me. Similar to Bank of America's keep the change program and such.

This company seems to just put the money into a savings account periodically. Not specifically tied to transactions.


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