Author Topic: long-hauler here -- is 'fresh start' a good idea or necessary?  (Read 1216 times)

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I've been using the same Financier budget file since I started using Financier in February 2017 -- over 4 years ago, and I have several thousand transactions recorded in it. It takes about 15 seconds to launch Financier in my browser (using safari, I see "Loading Financier" for about 15 seconds before it brings up my budget screen). I'm assuming this might have something to do with the size of my budget file, but I'm not completely sure.

Anyhow, was curious to get input as to what is "best practice" here. Whether or not my slow initial load is caused by my budget file size, is there any evidence to suggest there is increased 'risk' using Finacier with a large budget file? Should I start a new budget file as a precaution?

Part of the reason for asking is because there doesn't seem to be any automatic 'fresh start' feature (preserving my accounts/categories), so this will require a considerable amount of effort on my part. I don't mind, but I'd rather not have to do it unless it's really necessary.


PS -- I really hope Financier will be around for a while, it's such a great program and I really don't fancy any of the alternatives out there..

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Re: long-hauler here -- is 'fresh start' a good idea or necessary?
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2021, 12:30:17 PM »
Just came around to post something similar... From a fresh start, Financier is crashing tabs for me because of memory usage. After downloading all the during the sync, the financier tab starts climbing in memory usage up until about 2.5GB of memory used (as measured by the Chrome task manager). Eventually, the tab crashes with the "Aw, Snap" message.

@Alex, have there been any changes to the app code, or is this just an artifact of a large budget file?