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Fujitsu Scansnap ix500
« on: January 02, 2017, 10:47:00 AM »
I've been on a quest for the past few years to remove as much paper from my life as I can, and it's all good except getting things from physical forms to digital is bothersome and time consuming.

So, for more than a year, I've been listening to the folks on Mac Power Users podcast extoll the virtues of the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 document scanner. I have always hedged on it, even though I do a lot of scanning by way of receipts for things, bills, invoices, all that other good stuff because the thing is expensive. Up to now, I've been hauling all my paper to the office to scan there because I figured the saved expense was worth the inconvenience. The scanner couldn't possibly be THAT good. Due to a happy coincidence, one of my friends got one of these scanners from an office sale for cheap, and she let me borrow it to take it on a test run over the holidays.

The first task I gave it was a huge one. My mother passed away a couple years ago, and one of the many things she left behind was a collection of photographs in 21 albums--probably a couple thousand photos that I didn't need taking up space, but none the less didn't want to throw away because it's family archival material that someone might want to see sometime. The people at Fujitsu explicitly state that the scanner isn't designed for this--it's more for paper than photos, but I figured if it could do this, then it'd likely be good for whatever else I threw at it. I took all the photos out of the albums, stuck then into the feeder and away we went.

Oh my god. I hoped that it would do a decent job, but I never expected it to be so easy. The workflow was literally:
  • Take a stack of photos (~15-25)
  • drop them in the feeder
  • push the button
The scanner then made perfect scans at 600dpi JPG, dropped them into a designated folder on my computer, where backblaze grabbed them and backed them up, and google photos crawled the folder and auto-uploaded the lot of them to photos where the whole family could see them wherever they were.

It was frictionless. I did over 1600 photos the first day in a span of 5 hours, and the rest the next day. I thought the job would take the whole vacation, but it took only hours. My family was hella impressed.

Then I went to work on some actual documents. Not only bills, but every last University essay I ever wrote, all of the archived documents from my mom's estate, all the handwritten journals I had here covering years that I wrote on loose-leaf paper throughout the 80s and 90s, smaller bulletins from the church, random notes, business cards, you name it. This thing not only ate it all and created perfect scans, it never once jammed, created scans of the correct size automatically every single time, scanned both sides of the sheet simultaneously, sensed when a page was landscape instead of portrait mid-scan and rotated automatically, OCRed everything it scanned before saving it to file and was even smart enough to detect when there was a sheet overlap and offered me choices about what to do with the resulting scan.

In short, this thing is *amazing*. It's on my list of items to acquire this year, and I thought I'd write this up just to tell all of you, in case you've ever considered it, this beast is all you need. Technology seldom impresses me anymore. This thing impressed me.

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Re: Fujitsu Scansnap ix500
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2017, 11:29:07 AM »
We used those during my public accounting days. They work great.
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Re: Fujitsu Scansnap ix500
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2017, 05:00:39 PM »
Part of my job is implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and we always deploy these or similar to every clinic. They do have a lifespan and start to get funky after a few years but have been excellent!
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