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Dashboard - Summary Report
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Was thinking to have this as a Desktop only feature but then thought about it and could see it can be implemented on mobile screens. The desktop could have everything put on to one screen but for mobiles they can be viewed either by scrolling vertically on one page or horizontally over a few pages? (depending on how the mobile version is setup)

   Dashboard: Customisable quick views such as (but not limited to)
    Summary of Available Budget, Outgoings, Balance for the current month (Income/Expense)
    Overview of all Scheduled Transactions for the current month
    Available funds per Category for the current month - Perhaps 2 types of reporting -
      a. Available funds at the present time (without scheduled transactions for the month - Month to Date)
      b. Available funds less sunk cost (scheduled transactions up to end of month - Month to Date including Committed Funds to End of Month)
      c. Or perhaps a consolidation of the 2 - (
          Their "Safely Spend" in the Overview section is like a quota bar graph for each category.
          Bar represents quota, the filled bar is the current spend and a new lightly shaded or line to have (current spend + scheduled transaction).
          This way you can see actual spend and scheduled transaction and quota all on one graphical bar.
          They also have a remaining days left which is also helpful.
    Current Net Worth
    Quick Add - Transaction/Transfer
    Selection of reports, customisable and saved by user as a profile (See reporting below)

    All reports can be filtered by Timeframe, Categories, Payees & Accounts and then can be saved as a report profile
          Graphical timeline report  - Bar, Line, Pie Graph?
            □ Last # months (3, 6, 12?)
            □ Since beginning of Financial Year (Financial YTD)
            □ Since beginning of Calendar Year (Calendar YTD)
            □ Comparison from month of previous year (Year on Year)
      ○ Net Worth
      ○ Income v Expense
      ○ Spending Trends
      ○ Spending by Payee
      ○ Spending by Category
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Re: Dashboard - Summary Report
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I found that this product has very similar dashboards:

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Re: Dashboard - Summary Report
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Lots of opportunity in this realm, eventually.
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