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Hello from St. Louis, Mo, USA
« on: December 02, 2016, 10:24:02 AM »
I started with YNAB back in the spreadsheet days. Suffice it to say dealing with nYNAB and the philosophical changes especially non-walled months have been so incredibly frustrating that within 2 hours of signing up for Financier I was able to figure out a problem I had on my budget and now everything balances perfectly. Cannot wait to see this grow and wish all the success in the world to Alex.

I used to run the day to day operations on a Dave Ramsey inspired forum although it is pretty dead over there these days. I've parted ways with Dave on a number of issues/philosophies but still think he is the best of the best at helping people get out of debt with focused intensity.

At any rate, looking forward to watching this tool and community grow.

- Jon

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Re: Hello from St. Louis, Mo, USA
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Welcome, good to have you!
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