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Restore Deleted Budget
« on: April 10, 2018, 05:15:47 AM »
So I accidentally deleted the wrong budget. Is there any way to restore it without having a recent backup? Some server-side magic, maybe?

Btw, I still have the budget open on another computer/browser. Can I somehow prevent server->client synchronization and force client->server synchronization?
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Re: Restore Deleted Budget
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@rubbishaka80 If you have it on another computer, follow the following:

1. Disable your internet connection. Otherwise, Financier will sync and will delete the local budget.
2. Backup the budget (should create a download file). (Next to add account, -> click gear icon, -> backup.)
3. Regain internet connection and sync. Budget should be deleted.
4. Import the budget backup.

This will create a "duplicate" budget, so you might have to update bookmarks of your budget.

If you cannot do that, let me know the day before you deleted the budget. I can get it from backups - not a super easy process though so if the above guide works that would be ideal. :)

I am the Financier owner/admin/coder dude.

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Re: Restore Deleted Budget
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That worked like a charm. Thank you.